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1st Berg Of 2023

12167 views Harold Bradley March 21, 2023 Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove, NL Date shot: December 31, 1969

Albeit a small berg it is our first of the season with lots of Sea Ice as well as wind and ocean currents packing in the Sea Ice which usually drags the Icebergs along with. This particular Berg picture was taken yesterday from the lookout over looking Outer Beach which is located about 15 minutes outside of St Johns Newfoundland in Canada where we live on the Southeastern coast of the Avalon Peninsula. Taken on Tuesday March 14 of this year. I used my Nikon D810 which turned 7 years old in August of 2015 and my Tamron 150x600mm lens which also turned 7 years of age in August 2015 and both are still in mint condition and the shutter count on my D810 just went over 400000 late last year. My Exif Data is as follows: Aperture f/16, Shutter Speed 1/60 sec, Iso 32, Focal Length 200mm, VR noise Reduction on and anchored on a Tripod. Feel Free to comment and share and enlarge for best viewing.

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