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Conecting with Nature in a matured Forest.

4 views Tara Little-Pettifor August 26, 2016 Calgary, AB Date shot: August 26, 2016

I was headed towards Bragg Creek, to sit in silence, in Nature among other life. I came across many babies, birds, fawns ect. who will rely on their parents to get them through the Winter. A squirrel, I sat with, with an infected eye or no eye. He would look to see who was coming with his good one. Some slept in the lichen Forest Trees and others would eat. Peaceful and quiet, the way we like it. A Buck jumped out front of my car, spooked. Normally, I would say, I would never hurt you. This time, I said, run, run, run as fast as you can. A dragonfly smiles. May the spirits protect those in the forest.

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