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Severe Snow Storm in Greater Toronto Area

66777 views Steven Perez January 13, 2024 Brampton, ON Date shot: January 12, 2024

Yesterday evening was a terrible snowstorm. It was like a record-breaking snowstorm in Brampton and in the Toronto area. This was in Brampton, ON. Yesterday I was coming home from St. Mary’s church in Brampton. It started to have a thick snowfall. There was blowing snow, and the winds were strong. There was snow covered on the roads. The severe snowstorm in the winter was the opposite of the severe thunderstorms with tornado watches, hail, and heavy rain. Hurricane watches are rare in Toronto, but it could be a hurricane watch in Toronto when the hurricane forms to heavy rain in the United States and the heavy rain strikes Toronto in the summer that could alert residents that there can be heavy rain warning although it can be a hurricane watch in Toronto. I had a snowfall between 10 cm to 15 cm, but it was snowing heavy. I video graphed and took pictures of the severe winter snowstorm to watch it in summer 2024 and to be prepared in the winter season 2025.

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