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Record Breaking Snowstorm

7816 views Steven Perez January 17, 2022 Brampton, ON Date shot: January 17, 2022

Hi. My name is Steven, and I am from Brampton. Today it was a considered a record-breaking snowstorm in Brampton. The height of the snowstorm is approx. 30 cm. I video recorded the severe winter storm, and I will watch the video in summer 2022 and to prepare for winter season 2023. When I saw the snowstorm, in my opinion, it was shocking to see that cars were stuck on the road and people could not go anymore. Besides, Remember New Jersey is the number one place to travel there all my life after finishing 3rd year mech Eng. technology course this year and to get an engineering job. I must wait until covid is over in the future so I can travel to New Jersey to visit for the weekend.

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