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Our water has lead, e coli and another type of bacteria

7546 views Sam Jesso January 25, 2023 G37F+W5 Jerrys Nose, NL, Canada Date shot: January 12, 2023

This is my Water Piccadilly LSD committee on the Port au Port peninsula NL is aware of it and nothing is being done. I live at the beginning of Ship-Cove where the well is drill in the 1970's,Our water is the color of pee and sometimes darker like rusty water or muddy. We have lead, e coli and another type of bacteria in our drinking water. It is important to reduce exposure to lead as much as possible because health effects of lead may occur even at low concentrations. Who can help us?? We need a new Water well drill, pump house and run to a new line to our main line from it. We already have serious Environmental concerns leaking oil Well in Shoal point, So much Illegal dumping and out of control littering with bad drinking water for a few years now.

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