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13612 views Sandra M Harding October 1, 2022 Port McNicoll, ON Date shot: September 30, 2022 EXCERPT: 5 Albino Squirrel Facts Fact #1 Albino squirrels have been a symbol of peace since the early 14th Century. Native Americans released a white squirrel onto the battlefield to represent a surrender to their opponent. Most Native American tribes believe hunting or killing an albino animal is taboo and is both punished and cursed. A hunter’s punishment for killing an albino squirrel is the loss of all hunting privileges. Fact # 2 An albino squirrel has a special place in mythology, and it symbolizes that change is coming and urges you to prepare for it. Fact # 3 Gene mutations resulAlbinismAlbinism must come from both parents, which in general is a rare phenomenon. The squirrel appears normal in color if the gene only comes from one parent. Fact # 4 About one in a million gray squirrels are affected by Albinism.

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