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Comet Neowise Over Confederation Bridge

43863 views Barry Burgess July 14, 2020 Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, New Brunswick 16, Bayfield, NB Date shot: July 11, 2020

Since the Confederation Bridge has a Northeasterly alignment, I knew it would provide a nice foreground with Comet Neowise above. Friday night I had a hard time deciding if a long road trip for the sole purpose of photographing the comet was worth the risk given the weather forecast. I waited to the very last moment and decided at 11:00 pm to take the gamble. Things did not look good 20km from the bridge, heavy fog made driving difficult. When I arrived, I could see some stars through the fog in the Northeast as wisps of fog made visible by the street lamps blew by. I decided to stay and give it a try and as you can see the comet was bright enough to penetrate the fog although dimmed considerably. Twenty minutes after this photograph was made the fog rolled in for good and not a single star was visible.

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