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Comet Neowise and Grand Pre' Church Steeple

38139 views Barry Burgess July 13, 2020 Grand-Pré National Historic Site, Grand Pré Road, Grand Pré, Nova Scotia Date shot: July 13, 2020

Comet Neowise and Grand Pre' church. I put all my eggs in one basket this morning since I had no time to shoot elsewhere if things didn't work out. This is the clearest and brightest view of the comet yet for me, very easy to see with the naked eye. I had intended to include more of the building but upon arrival there was a blinging flood light in the corner of the building aimed at me and the night sky behind me creating terrible lens flare from my adapted 70's vintage lens. I thought I was done but decided to aim my camera above the light hoping for the best but no sucess even though light was outside field of view flare was terrible. I desperately searched for a strategically placed bush I could use to block the light from the floodlight and aim above it and success just before the dawn became too bright.

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