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42701 views Rita Cordeiro July 3, 2022 Toronto, ON Date shot: July 1, 2022

Beautiful Stargazer Lilies in bloom. A fine gift for the senses...both stunning and fragrant. "The Lily represents beauty, purity, transformation and rebirth, and devotion. Lily symbolizes the cycle of life and spiritual evolution, sharing synergies with the dragonfly, the frog, and the butterfly spirit animals, as all go through a metamorphosis. Just as it’s a symbol of purity, the Lily represents clarity of thought and sincere intentions. It may also mean dedication to a spiritual practice or calling." "As with Lotus flower meaning, the Lily represents reaching for a higher state of consciousness and a connection to the divine. On a spiritual level, the Lily also represents our potential to transform and renew our lives.For the ancient Egyptians, the Lily symbolized purity and transformation, including rebirth to the afterlife."

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