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Worlds Largest Bell

30787 views Jon Van Loon September 12, 2019 Moscow, Russia Date shot: July 16, 2008

This bell, named the Tsar Bell, sits on a pedestal in Red Square with The Kremlin in the background. This bell, the worlds largest, has never been hung or rung. It was cast in bronze in a pit sitting on wooden infrastructure. Before it was fully finished the supporting infrastructure burned and the bell fell into the bottom of the pit breaking off a sizeable chunk. This chunk can also be seen at the base of the bell in this photo. This bell is 6 m tall and 6.6 m in circumference. It weighs 12,000 kg. The original bell built in the mid 1600's, was gigantic even compared to this one in the photo. It was about 100,000 kg but fell from it's supports and crashed to the ground breaking into many pieces. Another bell in this sequence was about 18,500 kg and require 24 men to ring the clapper. This bell also fell and broke into many pieces, which were used in the casting of the present Tsar Bell.

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