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Vittoria Ontario

16889 views Earl Hartlen October 14, 2020 Vittoria, ON Date shot: October 9, 2020

Vittoria, Norfolk County Ontario is a treasure trove of incredible buildings, settings and unique places. Located about three miles from Lake Erie, the little village by the early 1800's had become the most active and important commercial center between Niagara Falls and Detroit. It was not only the hub of the Long Point Settlement, but also, from 1815 to 1825 the judicial capital of the London District of Upper Canada, hosting the district courts and the Registry offices. This era of distinction came to a disappointing conclusion when the Court House burned down in 1825. The courts were removed to London, and the Registry Offices to nearby Simcoe. Vittoria's glory days may have ended but what remains is so beautiful and worth a visit. Prime example is the almost 200 year old Historic Christ Church Anglican built of wooden bricks. Doesn't Vittoria look beautiful even from above? You'll enjoy it there, take your time, Vittoria is so worth it !!!

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