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Vehicle Maintenance

20824 views Earl Hartlen April 24, 2020 Simcoe, ON Date shot: April 21, 2020

"Lot Rot" Ever heard of it? It's a common phrase used in the automotive industry to describe the effects that occur if a vehicle sits too long without being used. It's a real thing and lot rot can range from minor problems that corrects themselves to serious repairs. Metal components like brakes are first to feel the effects, basically the rotors rust from non use. Different components start to seize up! Tires start to get flat spots from sitting too long in one location, you're battery slowly discharges, the list goes on and on !!! There is one highly recommended maintenance cure, taking the vehicle for a drive, even an occasional short one, as this will help circulate the fluids. This is important but also maintain your distance from others during this coronavirus/Novid-19 pandemic. Take care !!!

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