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Theodore Tugboat Port Dover Ontario

61779 views Earl Hartlen July 27, 2022 Port Dover, ON Date shot: July 26, 2021

Look who's returning for a visit to Port Dover, Norfolk County Ontario. It's all weather permitting, but if all goes to plan, Theodore Tugboat will be visiting August 3-6, 2022. Remember the famous Canadian children's television series about a tugboat named Theodore who lived in the Big Harbour with all of his friends. The Canadian show premiered in Canada on CBC Television, then went to PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) and has appeared in over eighty different countries. The show dealt with life learning issues portrayed by the tugs or other ships and they always managed to help each other resolve their problems. This was great television for young children. The 65-foot life-sized reproduction of the beloved television character travels across the country and now calls Hamilton home. The famous red-capped tugboat is the ambassador of Swim Drink Fish and a Great Lakes Guide and champion of Great Lakes preservation and CDN Marine Industry revitalization.

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