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The Old Work Bench

70723 views Earl Hartlen July 13, 2022 Norfolk County, ON Date shot: July 9, 2022

I was privy recently to an experience that I can only describe as appreciative, gratifying and emotional. I was given the opportunity to photograph a beautiful old barn that I have admired for years. Left alone, I came across this scene that took me way back in time to my father's work bench. Sure, this one has recently been cleaned up but I can still see the mason jars full of nails, nuts and bolts, odds and ends scattered everywhere as his project was continuing, tools I wouldn't have a clue how to use, I took no interest in learning how in my youth and the smell of everything, just like it was yesteryears. The cobwebs may be cleaned from the huge, hand hewn, wood beams and the old warped and pitted glass windows, but the images from my past flooded my mind, all coming back to me, even the vision of my father smiling as he attempted once again to teach me how. Wow, so beautiful an experience. Miss you Dad . . .

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