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The Fishermen's Monument Port Dover

30135 views Earl Hartlen March 16, 2023 Port Dover, Ontario, Canada Date shot: March 13, 2023

The 2023 commercial fishing season got underway Monday March 13th with 3 fish tugs returning to port with their first catch of the season. This photo highlights the Fishermen's Monument and there's never a time when I go to the Port Dover, Ontario Canada pier and lighthouse, that I don't think of the commercial fisherwomen and men of Lake Erie, especially those who have lost their lives doing their job. Whether they're American or Canadian, matters not. Commissioned by the Lake Erie Fishermen's Association, and designed by artist Kathryn Hogg of Waterford and Alex Godden of Simcoe, Ontario, you'll find around the base, the names of the Lake Erie fishermen from this area who have lost their lives while engaged in commercial fishing. God bless them and may the good Lord comfort and protect their families and friends. Wishing the best for the 2023 Professional Commercial Fishing Season.

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