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Sustainable Sourcing

80003 views Earl Hartlen June 20, 2022 Norfolk County, ON Date shot: June 18, 2022

If we're not careful, we could see more vultures over the farms. Sustainable sourcing is the act of looking for ingredients that are sustainably farmed. That means these ingredients, whether agricultural produce or meat, are farmed with more than economic considerations in mind. It's the integration of social, ethical and environmental performance factors that go into the process of selecting suppliers. Trouble is Canadian corporate profits are skyrocketing during this almost 10% inflationary cost of living increase and none of it is trickling down to the farmer. Cost at the grocery stores, cost of fuel, fertilizers, you name it are breaking records everywhere and it's time we stood up for the farmers. You can help by purchasing from local roadside fruit and vegetable stands, frequenting local Farmer's Markets, persuading others to do the same and if you can't, demand local fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy at your grocery store. Let's help before more vultures show up at the farm.

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