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Starling Migration Long Point Ontario Canada

102412 views Earl Hartlen December 10, 2021 Long Point, ON Date shot: December 7, 2021

This is Long Point, Norfolk County, Ontario Canada, one of the premiere bird migratory routes in North America. Starlings nest and breed throughout the southern regions of all Canadian provinces, along the Pacific coast of British Columbia and throughout the continental United States. During the summer, they will migrate as far north as the territories. Starlings form communal roosts which can be home to 10,000 or more birds and as they migrate during the winter, flock populations can grow into the hundreds of thousands in southern Ontario and other provinces. Established in 1978, Long Point National Wildlife Area is Ontario's largest NWA. It covers 3284 hectares. This area is one of the most important staging grounds on the continent for waterfowl. Hundreds of thousands of migrating birds pass through Long Point every spring and fall, and the point is a sand spit extending 40 km into Lake Erie, attracting large numbers and concentrations of birds, insects and bats during migration.

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