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Port Ryerse Ontario Canada

189328 views Earl Hartlen November 26, 2021 Port Ryerse, Ontario Date shot: November 24, 2021

I would like to draw your eye to the top of this Port Ryerse, Ontario photograph. You'll notice what looks like a double shadow going well out past the top of this picture. That double shadow is the remnants of what was the biggest pier in this area. This is Port Ryerse, one of Norfolk County's Historical villages located on the north shore of Lake Erie. Many of the first settlers in Norfolk County arrived at Port Ryerse by ship and in its time, the harbour was the main gateway for vital necessities. Look closely, can you imagine how huge this pier was? Port Ryerse is a home owner's dream and a vacationer's paradise. One of the most scenic communities in Norfolk County, it's rich with both incredible history and such wonderfully, friendly people. Most definitely one of the hidden gems of this neck of the woods. Have a beautiful Port Ryerse kind of day!

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