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Port Ryerse Headless Horseman

94260 views Earl Hartlen November 1, 2021 Port Ryerse, ON Date shot: October 31, 2021

Port Ryerse, one of Norfolk County's Historical villages located on the north shore of Lake Erie, is famous for so much. Many of the world's first settlers in Norfolk County, Ontario arrived by boat at Port Ryerse and the harbour was once the main gateway in its time for vital necessities. It's also famous for the 'Headless Horseman and Entourage' riding through the village every Halloween evening. Last night was no exception as he paused after the journey for a non-portrait photo, before returning to nearby Spooky Hollow. One of the most scenic communities in Norfolk County, it's rich with both incredible history and such wonderfully, friendly people. Most definitely one of the hidden gems of this neck of the woods.

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