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Port Rowan Ontario Canada

109411 views Earl Hartlen December 15, 2021 Port Rowan, Ontario, Canada Date shot: December 4, 2021

Some of the most beautiful places in this world are in Norfolk County, Ontario Canada. This photo was taken on December 4, 2021 and there are so many beautiful hamlets, villages and towns throughout the area with vistas and landmarks recognized worldwide. Some of the best are the Port Dover Lighthouse and pier, Waterford's Black Bridge and trails, Simcoe's park systems with the Carillon Tower, Delhi's Quance Park and Museum, Turkey Point's Beach and largest fresh water marina in the world, and let's not forget one of the most recognized , Port Rowan's Boathouses. These are just a few of the most amazing places in Norfolk County, Ontario Canada. If you'll ever come for a visit, you'll be back. It's that unique and beautiful.

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