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Port Rowan Ontario Canada

17485 views Earl Hartlen January 21, 2020 Port Rowan, ON Date shot: January 19, 2020

Canada is such a beautiful country. We are so fortunate to have so many diverse and totally unique geographical areas with everything from world renown cities to the tiniest hamlet you'll ever find. Each with their own story, each with a characteristic all its own. They may have similarities, but always distinguishable, in some other ways! I rest my point with Port Rowan, Ontario. You wouldn't be out of place if you thought this was beautiful town was in the Maritimes, but it's not. There's no smell of salt air because it's on the Great Lakes, Lake Erie to be exact but just like the east coast, there's the sound of friendly voices all over the place! Check it out, you'll love it and please have a beautiful Port Rowan kind of day!

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