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Port Dover Ontario

46280 views Earl Hartlen July 2, 2022 Port Dover, ON Date shot: June 25, 2022

Port Dover, Norfolk County, Ontario is world famous for everything from Friday the 13th to being known as the adult recreational capital of Canada with it's beach and water activities. Live theater to incredible restaurants. For many, including Doverites, here's a scene they have never seen before, the river twisting through the heart of Port Dover overflowing with sail boats, power boats, jet skis, boat homes, dinghies and any form of flotation you can envision. The shores are also home to marinas, sailing clubs, businesses and private residences. Notice how the old Harry Gamble Shipyard is gone and cleaned up. I miss that part of local history. What an incredible part of the world we live in. Have a beautiful Port Dover kind of day!

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