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Port Dover Ontario Ice Balls

33633 views Earl Hartlen January 11, 2023 Port Dover, ON Date shot: January 7, 2023

I was still amazed by the ice balls when I took this photo on Saturday, January 7, 2023. The beach is covered with them. I have never personally seen this before but ice balls developed recently at the Port Dover, Ontario beach. After multiple consecutive days of similar weather conditions, combined with wind coming off the water, viola, ice balls. They were huge, some as large as watermelons. This phenomenon is a natural progression of those weather conditions, with ice balls sloshing around in the frigid waters of Lake Erie, eventually many being washed up or blown up onto the beach. Totally dangerous to walk on, death defying to say the least. It started a few days before Port Dover was going to have its annual New Years Day Polar Bear Dip. Most people who participated, ventured into the water, down behind the Fishermen's monument. Have you ever seen anything like this before? Sure wish you could comment?

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