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Port Dover Ontario Canada

59956 views Earl Hartlen September 10, 2020 Port Dover, ON Date shot: September 6, 2020

It was a big "GO" for the annual Port Dover, Ontario Canada Light-up Parade Sunday evening and it once again proved itself as one of the Olé' Port's most appreciated and enthusiastically enjoyed events of the summer, especially this summer. With everything from Lake Erie commercial working fish tugs to personal pleasure craft, sailboats to working tugs, everybody truly enjoyed the parade, Kids, Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Friends, Friends of Thank you Meika Matthews, may yours and everybody's wish come true !!! As you've said before, "The annual (and now COVID-friendly) "impromptu", under-organized, end to summer light-up boat parade! This is a for-fun, largely unorganized, come if you can, when you can, local tradition that was started by my mom TEN years ago and that I hope to carry on for many more." Held annually Sunday evening before the Labour Day holiday!

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