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Port Dover Ontario Canada

29056 views Earl Hartlen July 8, 2020 Port Dover, ON Date shot: July 6, 2020

There's houseboats and then there's houseboats. 97 feet of beauty. Port Dover, Ontario is well known for being the recreational capital of Ontario but due to the Coronavirus/Novid-19 pandemic, the beach is still closed off and most likely will be for quite awhile. But that doesn't curtail the other activities many enjoy, like a delicious meal at one of the world famous restaurants or eateries, shopping the very unique, one of a kind boutiques and stores, fishing and the very enjoyable boating. Port Dover, Ontario is a professional commercial fishing town which just so happens to have one of the nicest harbours you'll ever find. What can one say, other than have a beautiful Port Dover kind of day !!!

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