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Port Dover Fishermen's Monument

94364 views Earl Hartlen May 20, 2022 Port Dover, ON Date shot: May 17, 2022

This is Port Dover, Norfolk County, Ontario Canada. and that's the Fishermen's monument, commissioned by the Lake Erie Fishermen's Association, designed by artist Kathryn Hogg of Waterford and Alex Godden of Simcoe, Ontario. Around the base are the names of the Lake Erie fishermen from this area who have lost their lives while engaged in commercial fishing. To the right, that's the 1905 Port Dover, Ontario lighthouse which remains active on the west pier. It displays a flashing green light and one of the very few lighthouses still remaining with an active tyfon horn, sounding a blast every twenty seconds if activated. Mariners can activate the foghorn by quickly clicking their radio mike five times on channel nineteen. The horn will then stay active for thirty minutes. Norfolk County took ownership of the Port Dover Lighthouse, not the pier, in 2014, after the Canadian Coast Guard declared the structure surplus. Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes we share with our neighbour, the USA.

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