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Off Shore Migrant Workers

65874 views Earl Hartlen August 25, 2021 Port Dover, ON Date shot: August 22, 2021

A sure sign that fall is approaching is harvest is underway! With approximately 5000 migrant workers in Norfolk County each year, the local horticulture is looking good due to a strong and reliable workforce. They come from Mexico, Jamaica, Trinidad and many other southern locations. We can not thank these people enough, they've endured so much in helping our farmers throughout the growing season, start to finish. It was 33 Celsius in the open field when I took this photo. By the way they're dressed, it must be much hotter in Mexico where they're from. They're hoping their families back home will see this. We would all like to give them a big thank you !!! Watermelon harvest, Blueline Road Farm, east side between St. Johns Road and #6 Highway, Port Dover Ontario.

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