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Norfolk County Ontario Canada

33644 views Earl Hartlen October 26, 2022 Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada Date shot: October 23, 2022

With 1,607 km² of land, Norfolk County lies in the heart of Carolinian Canada and boasts some of the highest ecological diversity of animals, plants and natural habitats in Canada. Amidst fertile agricultural fields, rural hamlets, towns, and recreational paradise locations, Norfolk has the highest percentage of forested land in Southwestern Ontario, estimated at around 27%. These forests include provincial parks, conservation areas, a world biosphere reserve, and other protected areas, as well as a significant acreage of private woodlots. Our woodlands contain unique Carolinian species like the Southern Flying Squirrel, Red-headed Woodpecker and Tulip Tree. Our streams and rivers are rich in fish, including Brook and Rainbow Trout. Our wetlands support countless species of aquatic insects, amphibians, birds & plants and our remnants of native prairie and savannah are home to the endangered American Badger and Wild Lupine. I've grazed a few of the zillion reasons why we love it here.

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