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Norfolk County Ontario Canada

60106 views Earl Hartlen September 13, 2021 Norfolk County, ON Date shot: September 11, 2021

Norfolk County, Ontario is more than anything else, an agricultural community. A community that is world famous for being Ontario’s Garden. According to Statistics Canada, Norfolk County is Ontario’s leading grower of apples, asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers, green onions and shallots, peanuts, pumpkin, strawberries, sweet corn, sweet potatoes and the list goes on and on. Livestock farming is also well represented. By the way, provincially, Norfolk County has the highest number of farms reporting gross farm receipts over $2 million. Innovation comes naturally to Norfolk County and the agriculture sector leads the way with technology, with an emphasis on caring. That's Norfolk County for you !!! What it's also well known for is how beautiful, clean and well maintained it is. Isn't life wonderful. Have a beautiful Norfolk County kind of day !!!

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