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Norfolk Count Fair and Horse Show

23139 views Earl Hartlen October 7, 2020 Simcoe, ON Date shot: October 10, 2015

Imagine, from Tuesday October 6 till the end of Thanksgiving day, this would have been the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show's 180 consecutive event. That's since 1840 and that's older than Canada itself. The fair is considered the 4th largest fair in Ontario, the 88th best festival in all of Canada and has been repeatedly been named in the Top 100 festivals in Ontario. And yes, it has numerous awards to show for it. Operated by the Norfolk County Agricultural Society with hundreds and hundreds of volunteers, this huge event attracts well over 100, 000 people from near and far. Norfolk County is the leading producer of vegetables in all of Ontario and this fair highlights how important the "Ontario’s Garden" is as Canada's most diverse agricultural area.

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