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Monarch Butterflies Norfolk County Ontario

105806 views Earl Hartlen October 12, 2021 Norfolk County, ON Date shot: October 9, 2010

In case you have never witnessed this before, it wasn't that long ago when the trees along the north shore of Lake Erie would be completely covered, every single branch, with Monarch Butterflies congregating to make a mass migration to Mexico. Monarch butterfly population has diminished by as much as 80% since the 1980s. The Monarchs come all the way from Mexico, simply to feed and to complete their life cycle, and they can only do that with the presence of milkweed. It's the only plant that the caterpillars can feed on. For defensive reasons, Monarch butterflies store a poison, cardiac glycoside, that was digested from the milkweed in their larva stage. These butterflies will travel at a speed anywhere from 19 to 40 kilometers per hour on their journey from Canada, across the USA and home to Mexico. They navigate using both a solar and a magnetic compass, and they can travel up to 426 kilometers (265 miles) per day. Thanks to all of you who planted milkweed, let's stop the extinction.

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