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Merry Christmas

18621 views Earl Hartlen December 1, 2020 Port Dover, ON Date shot: November 28, 2020

There's moments in time that pull at our heartstrings and this was one of them. Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus waving at the beautiful people in Dover Cliffs Long Term Care Centre. Due to Covid-19 concerns, the residents were not able to come outside but Mr. & Mrs. Claus’s hearts were inside, as everybody energetically waved to each other through the windows !!! God bless everyone of them and God protect our frontline heroes. Ho, Ho, Ho !!! Merry Christmas !!! Special thank you to Scott Sowden, Krista Sowden & family of Evergreen Hill Farm for prepping and escorting Mr. & Mrs. Claus all over Port Dover, Ontario Canada. It was a delight for young and all. Your Belgium horses and carriage are so beautiful.

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