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Mangrove Swamps Defeat Aussie Explorers

10511 views Jon Van Loon January 6, 2019 Northern Territory, Australia Date shot: April 14, 2002

Mangrove Swamps like this one I photographed in Australia's Northern Territory, were the bane of many early explorers that attempted to cross Australia, South to North. After suffering thousands of miles of blazing dessert heat the weary explorers and their parties would finally reach a rise from upon which they could finally see their goal, the ocean of the northern Australian coast. Not knowing what further perils abounded they rashly estimated a couple of day's journey would complete their task. Upon descending they were soon repelled by such dense thickets of mangroves, their intertwined air roots and snakes and other frightful critters living therein. The fate for many attempting to retrace their steps back home was death in the desert.

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