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Long Point Norfolk County Ontario Canada

69941 views Earl Hartlen July 29, 2022 Long Point Lighthouse, Norfolk County, ON Date shot: July 31, 2021

The present day concrete, octagonal lighthouse was completed in 1916 by Charles Mattaini at a location southeast of its predecessor for $8,490. The 30 metre (102 foot) lighthouse originally employed a revolving third-order Fresnel lens to produce a white flash every eight seconds. Long Point Lighthouse was automated in 1989, at which time its third-order Fresnel lens was replaced by a solar-powered beacon. In 1978, much of Long Point became the Long Point National Wildlife Area, when the Long Point Company, which had acquired most of the point in 1866, donated 8,000 acres to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The wildlife area was designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1986. Head Lighthouse Keepers: Thomas Price (1830 – at least 1831), Moses Newkirk (at least 1846 – 1856), Henry H. Clarke (1856 – 1869), Henry H. Woodward (1869 – 1893), Walter H. Stalker (1893 – 1897), n B. Cook (1897 – 1914), Lorne Brown (1928 – 1955), Bill Ansley (1955 – 1984), Bob Nelder (1984 – 1989)

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