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Jarvis Ontario Canada

98194 views Earl Hartlen January 10, 2022 Jarvis, ON Date shot: January 8, 2022

The former Jarvis, Ontario CN railway station has been moved and restored. Formerly located where Tim Hortons exists now, it was moved to Highway 6 South, the east side, just south of town. As for the old train tracks which have been removed, The Wabash (which became N&W, then NS) was the primary user of the line until abandonment of portions of it in 1996. The line was built as the Canada Air Line, which fell under GWR, then GTR ownership. By 1897-8 the The Wabash did try to compete with the Canada Southern Railway (Mighigan Central, eventually becoming NYC) with some prestigious passenger trains on the Cayuga sub, but it appears the CaSO was far superior. By the 1930's most Wabash passenger trains had been cancelled through Ontario. The aftermath of which left behind a joint CN/Wabash mixed train service. This service lasted until the 1950's and ran east from St Thomas. The line was a very heavy freight route during the Wabash tenure.

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