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History in the making...

19134 views Earl Hartlen May 18, 2020 Port Dover, ON Date shot: May 14, 2020

Port Dover, Ontario is rich with history and for those that aren't aware of it, the ol' port was built on the backbone of the commercial fisherwomen and men. Doverites can even tell you which families have been instrumental while the hard working, fish tug crews can spin you tales of truth that will not only entertain you but make you appreciate their hard working lifestyle. That said, there was a huge piece of history that took place in Port Dover on Thursday. The Mummery family purchased a tug they once owned before, completely repaired, painted and polished it to perfection, bringing it up to the high standards that these fish tugs are known for worldwide. The J & R Mummery made it's maiden voyage back to port, fit as a fish tote and ready for the Mummery family to show why they've been fishing for 5 generation and well over a hundred years! "History in the making..."

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