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Happy Civic Day

39643 views Earl Hartlen August 1, 2022 Simcoe, ON Date shot: August 1, 2022

Many employees will take today, Monday August 1st, 2022 off but this does not necessarily apply to everyone. You'll have to check with your employer. Many are surprised to hear that Civic Day is not a statutory holiday listed in Ontario's Employment Standards Act. Canada's diverse heritage led to what today is called the Civic Day. It goes by many names across Canada but it's aim is to celebrate Canada's diverse population and show how immigration has supported the betterment of this country. It's also a great time to look at the past and honour those that have made this country as great as it is or have changed the world in a dramatic way. In Ontario, Civic Day is called Emancipation Day. Some people refer to Emancipation Day as Simcoe Day. This name is appropriate because Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe declared the Act Against Slavery in Canada. Did you know the town of Simcoe, Norfolk County Ontario was named after him and he was the founder of York, now Toronto Ontario.

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