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Happy Canada Day

134960 views Earl Hartlen June 14, 2022 Simcoe, Ontario Date shot: June 12, 2022

Canada Day is on July 1st. The day commemorates the anniversary of the Constitution Act, which consolidated three territories into the single nation of Canada, way back in 1867. That’s right, Canada will celebrate its 155th birthday in 2022. The territories within the dominion consisted of Upper and Lower Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Through the British North America Act, Canada was divided into Quebec and Ontario, allowing provisions for neighboring colonies to join in the future. Dominion Day was established in 1879 but wasn’t celebrated by many Canadians, as they still identified themselves as British citizens. This changed on the 50th anniversary of the confederation in 1917, when Dominion Day started becoming more popular. A bill was forwarded in 1946 to rename Dominion Day but never passed. In 1967, on the 100th anniversary of the nation’s creation, there was an increasing interest in Canadian patriotism, and eventually it became Canada Day in 1982.

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