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Full Moon Over Norfolk County Ontario

101137 views Earl Hartlen August 13, 2022 Norfolk County, ON Date shot: August 13, 2022

I was out very early this morning looking for the man on the moon. Have you ever seen him? Interestingly though, ever since the beginning of man's time, people have always associated numerous mystical on-goings with the full moon. We've had some unbelievable superstitions and here's some popular beliefs that will more than likely surprise you! A Full Moon will trigger childbirth. A Full Moon will transform a man into a werewolf. A Full Moon drives people crazy. Hang your laundry out during the evening of a Full Moon, and it will shine. If you cut your hair on the evening of a Full Moon, it’ll grow back quicker. Do you believe in Full Moon superstitions? Do you believe full moons affect us?

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