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Farmers and Your Food

23143 views Earl Hartlen October 5, 2020 Norfolk County, ON Date shot: October 2, 2020

Don't you dare blame the farmer !!! Have you noticed your grocery bill going through the roof? According to Statistics Canada’s latest data, there's been huge price increases this year! There are so many factors involved here from the Coronavirus/Covid-019 pandemic to labour shortage, less competition amongst the food retailers to crops not even being completely harvested. Even the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement changed the supply management system so much, prices have increased due to it. An unexpected increase has been the demand for fresh produce, meats, flours, vegetables etc. due to home cooking becoming in vogue. Anyway you look at it, the prices are up for everybody but the Farmer !!! And you think your costs have gone up? Ha, you should see what theirs has !!! Thank you Farmers and farm labourers, thank you more then you'll ever know !!! You're amongst my front line heroes.

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