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Eastern cottontail rabbit

99166 views Earl Hartlen June 18, 2022 Port Dover, ON Date shot: June 18, 2022

There's only five species of rabbits that live in all of Canada, and Ontario has all five, this one being the Eastern cottontail. Ranging from a reddish brown to grayish brown, with a rusty-hued back of the neck, the Eastern cottontail's abdomen may be white or pale gray. Some cottontail bunnies have stars, or blazes, which are white shapes on their foreheads. The cottontail bunny possesses disproportionately large brown eyes ringed by white or cream-colored fur. The earthy shades of their fur help cottontail rabbits blend into their environment. Females tend to be larger than males and Cottontail rabbits cannot be tamed. Eating plants, they are most active at dusk and dawn. Other rabbit species in Canada are Arctic hares, Mountain cottontails, Snowshoe hares and White-tailed jackrabbits.

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