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Deer Park Waterford Ontario Canada

20249 views Earl Hartlen February 24, 2021 Waterford, ON Date shot: February 20, 2021

Waterford Deer Park. In 1925, an extensive water works project was started in the town of Waterford. About 20 acres of land was acquired to construct a reservoir and pump house connecting a series of twelve natural springs, thus adding to the town’s water supply. The easterly portion was swamp land but had been reforested with natural small timber. The upper portion and high ground had been systematically reforested with several coniferous species. The subsequent undergrowth presented a problem since weed cutting was mechanically impossible and manual labour too costly. The property was supervised by the Public Utilities Commission, which came up with a unique solution. Eight imported English fallow deer were purchased and released on the property in 1942, and as their numbers increased they kept the ground free of weeds. The Toronto Zoo, Storybook Gardens, and Marine Land are just a few parks whose herds originated from Waterford's Deer Park.

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