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Colourful Port Dover Ontario

16735 views Earl Hartlen January 25, 2021 Port Dover, ON Date shot: January 21, 2021

There's a good reason why shoreline villages began painting their buildings with bright, highly visible paint, hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. Every one of them started out as a fishing hamlet and the colourful homes were a helpful, visual tool for sailors approaching land. But it was the fishing boats that were painted brightly first and for that same reason, visibility. Now what to do with the excess paint? You got it, rather than waste it, it was diverted towards the village buildings. Nowadays, these brightly coloured places around the world have become tourist attractions for many and rightly so, as many will attest to the emotional benefits of "Happy Colours" Hats off to "Tiller Marine" Port Dover, Ontario Canada for making so many happy people!

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