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Cirrus Clouds

156327 views Earl Hartlen November 18, 2021 Norfolk County, ON Date shot: November 17, 2021

I took this photo yesterday and it reminded me of somebody very special to my heart. Years ago I knew a very wise, elderly gentleman and I learnt so much from him. He taught me so many tell tale signs of winter's coming and if it would be harsh or not. I'll leave that for another conversation but what he taught me about the cloud in this photo, is nothing less than astonishing and how very knowledgeable this man really was. He called it the horse's tail and I came to learn years later it's actually nicknamed or known as the mare's tail. They are indicators of fair weather when they are scattered in a clear blue sky but mixed together with patchy altocumulus clouds, they're predicting on-coming rain. And it will be raining within 36 hours. Thank you Mr. Longboat for all the wonderful things you taught me. RIP.

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