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CFRS Radio Simcoe Ontario

100598 views Earl Hartlen April 21, 2022 Simcoe, Ontario Date shot: April 19, 2022

It's late at night, or should I say early morning, and I'm chasing a full moon across a darken landscape, frozen in time by a fresh snowfall. Occasionally I catch the moon peeking at me and then I recognize where I am, the old CFRS Simcoe Ontario radio station tower building. This wasn't the broadcast studios, they were down on Grove street, down by my favourite store, now long gone, Bonaccorso‘s South Variety store, if memory serves me correct, called Bonnie’s South. For those too young to remember, CFRS was a live, not a delayed recording AM radio station, which meant there were a few things spoken, that should have never been broadcast, but they were CFRS was a 250 watt station located at 1560 on the AM dial and was licensed to be the voice of Norfolk County, Ontario and only be on-air from dawn to dusk. That's right, in the dead of winter we were signing off well before supper

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