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Canada Day Parade

56828 views Earl Hartlen June 23, 2022 Port Dover, Ontario Date shot: July 1, 2011

If you haven't been to the Port Dover Canada Day celebrations and have wondered how good is it? Well, it'll blow the socks of any parades I've seen. It's not only huge with everything from multiple marching bands, there's floats you'll never see anywhere else in the world. I'm talking first class act floats, ones that would more than fit in with the best parades anywhere! You'll see everything from fire trucks to automobiles, both with collections from classic old to new, they'll be clowns, different corporate floats throwing candy, multiple marching bands, groups and displays too varied and many to name them all. This is a huge parade, the whole Main Street has no parking both sides for kilometers so people can bring a chair or stand and watch. Lots of room for everybody. This is Canada's oldest and longest running Canada Day Parade, "The Calithumpian Parade". And this is just part of the celebrations the hosts, the Port Dover Lions Club, have planned for you all day long !!!

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