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Canada and the Netherlands

34204 views Earl Hartlen March 21, 2023 Simcoe, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada Date shot: March 19, 2023

On the sign to the left, those are the national flags of Canada and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It displays the words "Thank You Canada" with two hands shaking and two poppies. Canada protected and gave shelter to the royal Dutch family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Actually, Princess Margriet was born in an Ottawa hospital in 1943. Canadian soldiers lead the liberation of the Dutch people and both countries have an equal amount of admiration and respect for each other. Years ago, somebody once told me, but please forgive me for forgetting, the history of this incredible display, What is the story behind this passionate display of friendship between two great countries? It's located in Clifton Park, visible from Crescent Blvd. Simcoe Ontario Canada.

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