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Airplane Hanger Destroyed Airplane Unscathed

19995 views Earl Hartlen November 20, 2020 Simcoe, ON Date shot: November 16, 2020

Over many years, Brent and I have been capturing all of the world's beauty, from the Long Point World Biosphere to Port Dover, Ontario's world motorcycle event, Friday the 13th. Well "WOW". I can't believe how destructive Sunday's windstorm was. Look at this, my friend and pilot Brent's airplane hanger totally destroyed, yet the airplane itself unscathed? That's the hanger totally demolished and spread all over the place. Brent's usual dry humour came shinning through, even in the toughest of times, as he said, "Call Barry Manilow, It's A Miracle." Hello world, good Lord willing, we'll still see you from the skies!

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