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3am Port Dover Ontario Canada

18471 views Earl Hartlen February 18, 2021 Port Dover, ON Date shot: February 17, 2021

It's 3am, biting cold and I was down at the Port Dover, Ontario pier, just about to leave when I looked over at the Commercial Fishing Working Harbour. I decided to stay for awhile, since it was so peaceful looking. Then I thought, wow, how many zillion people must have seen this scene over the decades and what they must have thought? Tourists have always loved it's scenic beauty while the hard working Great Lakes commercial fishermen and women may look at it as work. Children probably get excited over the big fish tugs while sorrow must strike the hearts of those who have lost a dear one to Lake Erie's wrath. I'm sure there's other thoughts, yours included. Take care and have a beautiful Port Dover kind of day!

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