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Winter 2014 was a harsh one. Now, you can see just how bad it was over the U.S. Midwest, thanks to a new NASA animation.

The nor'easter's edge: How it's affecting Ontario and Quebec

Move over Saturn: Asteroid has rings too

Drivers left wide-eyed as flash blizzard drops in on southern Ontario

Keep the change: France and Belgium offer free rides to combat pollution

Rescue training puts firefighters on thin ice

Will crowd sourcing solve the mystery surrounding Malaysia Airlines flight MH370?

Severe weather may be responsible for fatal crash in Calgary

ISS astronauts congratulate 'Gravity' filmmakers

A four-hour showdown: Snake vs. crocodile (who you got?)

Bitter wind chills to kick off work week in Ontario

Forget designer duds, Hollywood's finest could be donning rain coats to the Oscars

WATCH: Incredible rescue of 1000 lb drowning bull

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight: New search area identified

'Large and strong' nor'easter brewing for Atlantic Canada

'Worst city to live in Canada' responds to poor ranking

Strong winds leave thousands in the dark in Illinois

Rising temps prompt flood concerns in B.C.

B.C.'s 2014 Spring Outlook

Maximum ice: Great Lakes reaching record coverage

WATCH: Storm battered pelican learns to fly for first time

Cute Countdown: An artsy dolphin and doggy GTA

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